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Buying a Home in Ontario: Old vs. New

If you're in the market for homes for sale in Ontario, you have the good fortune of opportunity and choice. Because the Ottawa city centre has long been such a hub of activity—and because all the outlying communities are booming right now—housing options range from new construction homes with all the luxuries to historic residences [...]

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Popular Home Features in Rockland

If you're selling or buying a house in Rockland, you'll notice that there are certain key features that make a home appealing. Because so many of the people who live here are looking for a quieter, more idyllic place to call home, they want things like larger yards, plenty of growing space for the whole [...]

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Staging a Home for the Ottawa Market

One of the best ways to sell your Ottawa home is to spend some time staging it before it hits the market. By definition, house staging is the process of decorating (or, in many instances, un-decorating) your home so that it appeals to buyers. Although you might prefer the comfortable, cluttered look of home, most [...]

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